Morpheum is an institutional research, development, and investment organization focused on new, emerging, and frontier technologies, and more broadly, their implications for companies, industries, nations, people, governance, the global economy, the international financial system, society, and humankind.

Private SectorGovernments

What we do

We are the strategic advisor, technology accelerator, and venture investor for our clients which include private sector, governmental, and intergovernmental institution stakeholders. We research, develop, curate, deploy, and invest in new technologies that shape and build a better world for all.  Our Executive Team has more than 100 years of experience incubating, leading and scaling hyper growth to mass adoption of technologies and startups in industries ranging from finance and manufacturing, to professional services, the world of work, and cybersecurity,  producing $ trillions in transactions and multi billion $ valuations.

Research & Development

We research bleeding edge technologies that shape and build a better world. We are experts in identifying breakthrough  creations and curating new inventions, ideas, concepts, and intellectual property to market, and making the necessary investments to acheive success.


Global technology accelerator

We specialize in taking concepts, ideas, and new technologies, and turning them into global multi trillion dollar disruptive companies and global movements.

Intellectual property development

We understand the unique and complex world of intellectual property and protection of ideas and assets, in order to translate them into massive globally disruptive companies, projects, and global movements.

Strategic and targeted investment approach

We take a strategic and targeted approach to designing and implementing the global strategy, road map and expansion of new technologies and companies with breakthrough transformative potential.

Investment and portfolio management

We invest for the short, medium and long term, working side by side with chief scientists and investors to proactively and stratgeically invest in the growth, development, and global expansion of breakthrough ideas and technologies.


We work with all industries in 193 countries and territories, and with all sectors and stakeholder types.

PRivate Sector and fortune 500

We work with private sector stakeholders and the fortune 500 to research, understand, develop, and deploy new technologies and ways of thinking , to address enterprisewide organizational challenges, opportunities, and risks.

Governments and the Public Sector

We work with governments, and intergovernmental organizations to optimize performance and delivery of government services, while reducing impact on the environment and bottom line. Our services help governments and their citizens succeed.

Financial institutions and investment funds

We approach financial institutions and investment funds from the perspective of ensuring high level intelligence and strategic information that improves outcomes and delivers results for their clients in a rapidly changing environment with major stakes.

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