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We look for the best of the best. High Performance, Sense of Humor,Active and Engaged, Family oriented, Purpose and mission driven, Passionate about work/skillsets.

Results and outcomes driven

At Morpheum, we look for high performance and results driven duals who are passionate and self motivated, and set the bar high. 


Intellectual vitality and restless curiosity

You thrive when your mind is constantly engaged. You seek out challenges, question everything, crave answers to everything, and are rigorous, methodical, thorough, and unbiased in your analysis and search for truth.

Entrepreneurial self starter

You are born creator and innovator. You succeed in the unknown and ambiguous. You embrace problems and adversity as opportunity. You have unstoppable energy and are constantly coming up with breakthrough ideas and solutions. 

Global Macro and interdisciplinary mindset

Youare all knowing and tracking major global events, global markets and trends, on a 24 hour basis with an eye toward forcasting accurately. You are able to connect otherwise distant dots and make confident logical leaps reaching higher order conclusions and thought. 

leadership and team player

You’re born to lead. You excel equally in a team environment. You easily gain the confidence and trust of your colleagues. Youre reliable, accountable, and constantly pushing the boundaries, personal, and organizational.